Immigration Advisory Board

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The City of Bellingham is currently accepting applications for the newly created Immigration Advisory Board.​

The purpose of the board is to review and evaluate existing policies and make specific recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding City policy related to immigration matters. This evaluation will include analysis of City data to determine compliance with Washington State law. The board will make recommendations for further data to be compiled in order to facilitate its recommendations. In addition, the board shall support community involvement in and discussion of regional issues and decisions about our City's future as it relates to immigration.

The board will consist of no more than 12 members. Individuals will complete an application process to seek appointment to the board, and members will be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council to serve two-year terms. In order to provide for staggered terms, the Mayor will initially assign a one-year term for four members, and the remaining members will be assigned a two-year term. Members may serve for no more than two full two-year terms. ​

Membership will include at least one representative from each of the following sectors of the community:

  • directly impacted individual/liaison,
  • human rights advocacy,
  • immigration law/civil rights legal,
  • youth/education,
  • faith/religion,
  • healthcare/medical,
  • labor – service industry,
  • labor – agricultural industry, and
  • business/economic development.

The board will meet once a month, and interpretation and translation services will be provided by the City of Bellingham. Meetings will be open to the public, and the board will be supported by Mayor-designated staff and City Council-designated staff as needed.

For more information

To read the ordinance establishing the creation of the Immigration Advisory Board, view Ordinance 2019-11-033.​

More information about the City's boards and commissions can be found on the City of Bellingham boards and commissions webpage. Anyone interested in serving on the Immigration Advisory Board may pick up an application from the centralized reception at City Hall, 210 Lottie Street, or print one off the City's website. ​

​Meeting Materials

June 23, 2020

July 23, 2020



​​Main Office

Immigration Advisory Board
210 Lottie Street,  Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone: (360) 778-8100 ​​​