Map Gallery

Street Index Map

Streets, highways, trails, parks, civic landmarks, and municipal boundaries

Bike Route Map

Marked, and un-marked bicycle routes on streets and trails

Neighborhoods Map

Neighborhood boundaries and names

Zoning Map

Zoning general use types and subareas referenced by Bellingham Municipal Code

Lake Whatcom Bathymetric Map

Illustrates the topography of Lake Whatcom both above and below the surface shoreline

Lake Whatcom Topographical Map

Topographic relief, forest cover, and bathymetry of the Lake Whatcom Watershed

Forest Cover Map

Illustrates forest cover classified by canopy height

Geological Hazards Map

Geologic hazards referenced by Bellingham’s Critical Areas Ordinance

Aspect Slope and Wind Direction Map

Includes directional graph showing prevailing wind direction and speed

Topographic Base Map

Topographic landforms, including shaded relief, and elevation ranges

Watersheds and Sub-Basins Map

Primary watersheds, and contributing sub-basins for local lakes and streams

Wetlands Map

Wetland inventories, and site-specific wetland delineations for Bellingham area

1922 Bellingham Plat Map

Platted streets and blocks for City of Bellingham circa 1922

1892 Fairhaven and Vicinity Map

Platted streets and blocks for historic town of Fairhaven and vicinity circa 1892

1890 Bellingham Bay Cities Plat Map

Platted streets and blocks for local towns circa 1890

1889 Sehome and Vicinity Plat Map

Platted streets and blocks for historic town of Sehome circa 1889

Historic Railway and Trolley Routes Map

Historic rail lines, historic trolley routes, and current rail lines

Historic Trolley Routes by Date Map

Historic trolley routes by the date each was built. Includes name and year for each route

Incorporation and Annexation History Map

Illustrates annexations from 1903 incorporation to present day

Street Percent Gradient Map

Illustrates the slope percentage (steepness) of local streets on a block-by-block basis

Truck Routes Map

Arterial streets designated by Bellingham Municipal Code 11.63.140 as truck routes

Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas Map

Public lands and open space in and around the City of Bellingham

Land Purchased with Greenway Levies Map​

Illustrates lands purchased with Greenway Levies

Bellingham Coal Mine Map

Bellingham Bay Improvement Company's coal mine operation


Paper copies of the Map Gallery maps can be purchased from the Planning Department for the following prices (additional sizes and prices are available for select maps):

18" x 24" Maps are $10.00
27" x 36" Maps are $16.00
36" x 48" Maps are $21.00

Local pick-ups only - no mail outs.