Welcome to Access Bellingham

​​​​​​​​Access Bellingham provides public access television services in Bellingham, Washington. The program will be offered through 2020.  Bellingham community members are encouraged to contribute by producing and submitting programming that reflects the spirit of our community. Videos will air on BTV, as follows:

  • Comcast cable channel 10 in standard definition, channel 321 high definition,
  • CenturyLink channel 40 in standard definition, channel 1040 high definition,
  • and live on BTV's live stream.

The goal is to provide six hours of non-commercial, citizen-produced programming on Sunday evenings, every week throughout the year. These programs will be aired without editorial review. Access Bellingham is adopting a "keep it simple" approach to the project, and we expect the program to evolve during the pilot period. 

Start dates and Program Schedule

Access Bellingham began accepting programs in September 2014, and began showing programs on Sunday, October 5th of that year.  See our guidelines in the Technical Specifications and Procedures related to creation and airing of programs.  The sche​dule of upcoming programs will be available approximately one week in advance.

Access Bellingham is for Bellingham residents

You need to be a Bellingham resident to submit programming.  Access Bellingham is a non-commercial station.  Video programs that are designed to sell services or products are not appropriate for Access Bellingham. See our Policies (PDF) for other details.

What is Public Access Television? 

Public access television is local non-commercial programming created by a wide variety of individuals, groups, and organizations within a community. Programs are aired on a first-come, first-aired basis, without editorial control except over unprotected free speech.

Training Program 

The City of Bellingham has contracted with EJ Visuals to provide video production training to Bellingham residents.

The program will help local producers of all experience levels take their programs from concept through production and delivery for Access Bellingham.

There will be training sessions offered throughout each year.