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Public Art Opportunities

Current Opportunities​

​The City has ​no calls for art open at this time.

Past Opportunities

Anamorphic Mural A mural in the alley behind 1300 Commercial Street, on the columns of the public parking garage to enhance the alley adjacent to the public parking garage. The installation area included eleven concrete columns and two aggregate panels. Completed in 2019 with a budget of $5,000.​​ 

Traffic Box Artwork - Original artwork installed on six traffic boxes located in the downtown Arts District. The goal of the project was to reinforce a sense of place and enhance the identity of the district, while adding beauty and interest to the streetscape. Completed in 2019 with a budget for $500 for each image selected and installed.​


​Shannon Taysi at staysi@cob.org or 360-778-8360