EMS Oversight Board


The EMS Oversight Board (EOB) will be primarily responsible for framing the ongoing vision of a unified EMS system. EOB will meet at least quarterly to review and make recommendations. The Board’s responsibilities include:

  •  To ensure transparency and equity of EMS oversight, administration and management.
  •  Making all operational and financial recommendations to both councils.
  •  Coordinate with EMS Administration and TAB to develop recommendations for a plan for stabilizing the EMS system to service all of Whatcom County.

Time Requirements

A meeting schedule is being developed at this time. The first meeting will be in February.


The Oversight Board shall have 9 voting members with a 7 member quorum. The County and City Councils will appoint their respective Representative. The Financial/Budget Citizen Representative, Medical Community Citizen Representative, and Citizen at Large Representative will be appointed jointly by both the Executive and Mayor. The small city mayors will appoint the Small City Mayor representative. The County Fire Commissioners Association will appoint the County Fire Commissioner.