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​Woodstock Intersection

Woodstock Intersection Improvements

​Project Overview: ES-0318

The Woodstock Intersection Improvements project will move the through movement of James Street onto Woodstock Way in a 20 mph curve. The project will also add bicycle lanes, sidewalks and stormwater treatment facilities to an enhanced treatment level. Northbound James Street will be stop sign controlled at the revised intersection.

The current configuration of the intersection creates a sight distance hazard when turning onto James Street from Woodstock Way. The revised intersection eliminates this sight distance hazard, therefore creating a considerably safer intersection.

Traffic control and management will be the largest concern on the project.  James Street has Average Daily Traffic of over 11,000 vehicles per day. Woodstock Way just east of James Street will be closed for the duration of the project, but James Street will remain open to two lane traffic. As the project continues, there will be delays when the new intersection is connected to James Street. No detour of James Street is planned. During work that will impact traffic on James flaggers will be present.

Funding from Federal STP funds and local Street funding.

 Status -  March 2018

Accomplishments: Construction is complete.  The two year planting maintenance period has begun.

Next Milestone: Maintenance period for plantings

Project Details

  • Status -  Construction
  • Contract Awarded-  Yes
  • Contract Amount-  $1,254,629.90
  • Contractor-  Ram Construction, Inc.
  • Completion Date:
  • Final Contract Amount:


Affected Neighborhoods

    Barkley; Irongate; King Mountain

Participating Departments

    Public Works


​Craig Mueller, P.E.

Project Engineer

Phone:  (360)  778-7922

Public Works C​ontacts