Lincoln-Lakeway Multimodal Transportation Study

​​​​​​​​​​​​Project Overview:​ ES-0555​

In 2020, Public Works is leading a multi-agency p​roject team with staff from WTA, WSDOT, WCOG and transportation planning and engineering consultants in a comprehensive multimodal transportation study for the area generally bounded by the Samish/I-5 interchange on the south; Samish-Maple-Ellis corridor on the west; Iowa/I-5 interchange on the north; and Puget Street on the east (see image at left). The purpose of the study is to document and analyze existing land uses,​ known development proposals, and land supply considered under-utilized and/or re-developable; measure and analyze vehicular traffic impacts, as well as travel demand for people walking, biking, and riding transit.  ​

Analysis of alternatives for changes to existing vehicle traffic circulation in the vicinity of the Lakeway/I-5 interchange and the potential consolidation and/or relocation of vehicular driveways along a portion of Lincoln Street will be included in this study.​ The pr​oject team will engage the public and seek input at an open house event during the course of the study. Ultimately, both short-term and long-term multimodal transportation system improvements will be identified and recommended, which will allow Public Works to program local funding as well as seek state and federal grant funding for construction in future years.

Status: July 2020

Next milestones​:  Planned Neighborhood Meetings and Public Open House subject to COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings. Possibility of online Neighborhood Meetings and Open House in Fall 2020.​


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