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2018 Lake Whatcom Water Quality

​​​Project Overview: EV-0159​

Stormwater treatment system improvements aimed at protecting water quality. This project will modify existing drainage infrastructure in three locations around Lake Whatcom as part of the City's capital improvement program.

This project will install stormwater treatment systems to protect water quality in Lake Whatcom from pollution running off of private properties and City roads and rights-of- way. With this project, the network of necessary treatment systems in the City's portion of the Lake Whatcom watershed will be substantially complete. Nearly all of the runoff from the city portion of the watershed would then be treated, to some degree, for phosphorus, fecal coliform, and other pollutants.

Funding from Department of Ecology Water Quality Combined Funding, Fiscal Year 2018, Stormwater Financial Assistance Program. Match provided by Storm and Surface Water Utility as part of funding dedicated to Lake Whatcom Management Program planned activities. 

Status - June 2019 

Accomplishments: Pre-construction complete

Next Milestones: Construction​

Project Details

  • Status - construction
  • Contract awarded - May 20, 2019
  • Contract amount - $549,501
  • Contractor - Henifin Construction LLC

Affected Neighborhoods

    Silver Beach

Participating Departments

    Public Works


​Freeman Anthony, P.E.
project engineer
Phone: (360) 778-7924

Public Work​s Contacts

​​This project is partially funded by the Washington Sta​te Department of Ecology