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​Photo by Philip Humphries

Strengthening a Vital City Center

The City of Bellingham Downtown District is the core civic center of our community and also plays a substantial role in supporting both commerce and culture.  The Bellingham City Council approved a new Downtown Bellingham Plan in 2014.  Goals for the District include preservation of historic architecture, continued commercial revitalization, and further residential development.   A City Center Implementation Strategy provides a set of specific actions to implement the plan.  The strategy includes the downtown core, but also the newly developing Waterfront neighborhood and the nearby Old Town neighborhood to help ensure that the proposals and projects for these areas are coherent and mutually supportive.  It also helps assure that new development in the Waterfront doesn't subtract from older neighborhoods. 

One recent Downtown effort focuses on a plan to improve N. State Street.  The State Street Design Concept illustrates a series of possible changes -- including more street trees, creation of angled parking, improved sidewalks, and a buffered bike lane.  In June 2017, a "Pop-Up Plaza" Kapow! event showcased a number of temporary projects to illustrate the potential of underused spaces along State Street.

Take a look at our online tour of Historic Downtown Bellingham.